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Cluedo Mystery Board Game - Dragon Ball Z Zavvi Exclusive Edition

Cluedo Mystery Board Game - Dragon Ball Z Zavvi Exclusive Edition

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The time is now! In CLUEDO: Dragon Ball Z, Goku and his allies must piece together the clues and hatch a Plan to stop a hidden enemy from capturing one of the prized Dragon Balls. Taking on the roles of six of the most popular heroes from Dragon Ball Z, players will move around the game board, representing locations around the world, to determine WHICH villain is about to find a Dragon Ball, WHO has the best chance to stop them, and WHERE the battle will go down! Will it be Goku that foils Frieza in Master Roshi#39;s House? Will Vegeta defeat Garlic Jr. at Capsule Corporation? Or will Gohan put a stop to Perfect Cell#39;s plan atop Mount Paozu? Roll the dice and find out! Draw Intrigue cards to confound your opponents with special moves, and start Rumours to try and deduce the solution via process of elimination. This special CLUEDO edition also features 6 collectible Dragon Ball Z metal tokens - perfect for fans of this classic anime.

  • Protect the Dragon Balls alongside classic anime heroes in this Dragon Ball Z edition of CLUEDO!
  • Join Piccolo, Goku, Gotenks, Gohan, Vegeta and Krillin in your quest for the truth
  • Cluedo is fun for the whole family as you decide: WHICH villain will find the Dragon Ball, WHO is best-placed to stop them, and WHERE the confrontation will occur!
  • Will it be Piccolo against Kid Buu in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?
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